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Security You Can Trust

We have over a decade of experience building and supporting high-quality applications for some of the world's largest companies, including banks and financial institutions. These organizations do not take their security lightly, and neither should you. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience providing secure applications to these brands; knowledge built directly into Conxport.


Conxport is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides organizations with a robust and flexible means of collecting and managing data from a diverse community of users. It's entirely hosted on our infrastructure so there is no need for your IT department to invest in hardware or maintain software. All you need is a modern browser (IE 7 or above, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera) and an internet connection.

Conxport was written from the ground up with security and performance in mind. It's built on Microsoft's trusted ASP.NET platform using C# and JavaScript on the front end, and Microsoft SQL Server on the back end.

Microsoft Toolset

Hosting Infrastructure

Our production environment is hosted by Rackspace. Our servers at Rackspace are located in a full-service, Tier 1 data center.

Rackspace guarantees the following:

  • 100% Network Uptime SLA & 100% Power SLA
  • Certifications: ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 SOC 2 Type II
  • 24x7x365 On-Site Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Smart Monitoring

All of our servers operate on a private network segment. This is an important point of distinction between Conxport and other SaaS providers that host their services in "shared" environments. By definition, an application that shares its services with other applications is only as secure as its weakest link.

Our hardware at Rackspace sits behind a dedicated firewall with two (2) separate security zones. Our web servers reside in a DMZ that allows public to access Conxport through a web browser. Our database servers operate in a private zone that is not accessible to the public (It should be noted that many SaaS providers not only allow their servers to operate in the same zone, but oftentimes on the same server).

In addition we employ HTTP filtering on our web servers to block requests that may seem legitimate to our firewall but are not needed for our application to function properly. We also disable unnecessary services on our servers to prevent access to sensitive areas of the operating system. This is consistent with a multi-layered defense strategy to prevent unauthorized access.

Finally, your data is safe and secure because it's continuously backed up and stored at multiple Rackspace hosting facilities.

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