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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, please contact us or call us at 1-866-729-7355.

How long does it take to get "up-and-running" on Conxport?

We can get you online today. Conxport's drag-and-drop interface allows us (or you) to build a completely customized solution in a matter of hours.

Do I have to be in the office to access my data?

No. Conxport is accessible online 24/7/365. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer 7+, FireFox, Chrome or Safari).

What are current customers using Conxport for?

Conxport is being used to manage and respond to all kinds of inbound requests including:

Marketing/Public Relations

  • Sponsorship
  • Charitable Donations
  • Disaster Relief
  • Media/Advertising Requests
  • Matching Gifts
  • Social Media Strategy

General Business

  • Business Proposals
  • Vendor/Supplier Qualification
  • Franchise Application
  • New Business Inquiries
  • Idea Submission
  • General Feedback/Comments

Human Resources

  • Job Applications
  • Purchase Requests
  • Volunteerism


  • Bug/Issue Tracking
  • IT Service Requests
  • Asset Management Tracker
  • IT Task Management
  • IT Document Library

Don't see your area of need listed above? Conxport's drag-and-drop tools allow you to build your own process in minutes (or we can do it for you).

For a partial list of customers using Conxport, click here.

What differentiates Conxport from competitors?

Conxport delivers customized solutions across a variety of channels giving your customers, employees, vendors and agencies the kind of experience they expect and appreciate. Our system gives companies the ability to leverage inbound interactions turning them into opportunities. To learn how we help our customers grow their businesses using Conxport, please contact us.

When you join, you will be assigned a dedicated client relationship manager who understands your business and its needs. Our CRMs are business process experts who can quickly build your system, offer advice, training, strategies and support so that you can maximize your investment.

Conxport is also highly flexible. Our customers can change almost any

How can Conxport be used?

Conxport is a powerful tool that enables businesses to receive and respond to inbound requests from external sources (i.e., customers, vendors, agencies etc.) or internal sources (i.e., employees). Many of our clients initially use Conxport to receive and respond to requests from the public and then later, they use Conxport to improve processes within their own company.

To learn more about using Conxport to solve internal business processes, contact sales.

What assistance is provided to get my new Conxport system up and running?

When you join, you will be assigned a dedicated client relationship manager who understands your business and its needs. Our CRMs are business process experts who can quickly build your system, offer advice, training, strategies and support so that you can maximize your investment.

What support services are available for Conxport?

In addition to our dedicated client relationship managers (above), we also employ technical support specialists who are there to respond to support tickets.

Is there opportunity to upgrade to a higher tier after my initial purchase?

Yes, you can always upgrade if you need to.

How often do you release upgrades and patches?

We upgrade our service every six to eight weeks. Our upgrades are often driven by customer requests, so if there is anything you think Conxport needs, just log in and use the “How are we doing?” feature in the bottom right corner. All Conxport users receive email alerts at least 24 hours before an upgrade.

Our customers are always on the latest version of Conxport and we never charge you extra for upgrades.

Can I personalize Conxport?

Fully-branding a Conxport public website is easy. Customize the look and feel of your website, create your own automated email responses, and more. You can even use a customer domain name for your public Conxport website instead of ours.

Can we edit templates built into the system?

We have a variety of form templates for you to choose from and each template is 100% editable.

You can also edit (or build your own) email templates and even update your public website content. Our template editor supports text, images and embededded videos from YouTune and Vimeo.

Can we upload our questionnaire into the system?

No, but you can re-create your form in minutes using our drag-and-drop form builder. We can even start you off with a template that you can customize to your liking. Your client relationship manager can also do this for you.

Is there a way to capture post-event data?

Yes, Conxport Enterprise customers can use follow-up forms to unlock content to submitters. These forms are just as feature-packed as our regular forms and, of course, completely customizable.

What documents can be attached to submissions?

.doc/.docx, .gif, .jpg, .png, .pdf,.ppt/.pptx, .txt, and .xls/.xlsx files can be uploaded to the system.

How many users can access Conxport?

All plans come with an unlimited number of public submitter accounts.

Our entry level plan allows you to add up to 15 user accounts. There are no limits on our Enterprise plan.

Can I create reminders or notifications for myself/my team?

Yes. Conxport can send emails and reminders to your team.

How do we respond to a submission?

Conxport automatically responds to submissions based on your rules or criteria. You can do this yourself or your client relationship manager can do it for you.

Can the automated e-mails be personalized?

Yes, you can personalize and brand your automated emails.

Are there reporting capablilities?

Yes. Users can create reports using any data point in the system. Our reporting feature supports simple to complex conditions and the data can be exported in a variety of formats. Our reports are also kept up-to-date 24/7 so there is never a need to "run" a report or wait for the results.

Can users decide what they see in their workspace?

Yes, members of your team can configure their workspace to their linking or job function.

How can I extract my data from Conxport?

Yes, data can be exported .CSV, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats.

Can we share data with other people within the company or even an agency we are working with?

Invite colleagues or 3rd-party contacts into the system or export your data in one of the formats mentioned above. You can also print responses to PDF and email it to anyone.

How can I collaborate with internal team members on submissions of common interest?

Users can collaborate on submissions via the built-in comments tool, emailing responses, data export, or action review.

We have a very complex review process. Can the system filter submissions to certain people that might be assigned in a specific region or budget number?

Filters and workflow automation can be used to assign submissions to users based on pre-determined values.

Can I upload contracts or any other types of documents that pertain to a specific submission to keep my information organized?

Enterprise users can use Add-on forms to support their company’s policies and procedures, and are easily integrated into the review process (i.e. contracts, compliance documents, post event feedback, etc.)

Will my data be secure?

Conxport is hosted by SAS 70 Type II Certified Peer1-Atlanta hosting. Our security standards were created using DISA and CERT guidelines. We offer SSL connectivity, and use VeriSign Secure Site Pro with Extended Validation as our certificate provider. Our database is continuously backed up and stored offsite to support our disaster recovery efforts.

Where can I learn more about Conxport security?

Please visit our "Security You Can Trust" page to learn more about Conxport security and to download our security and architecture document.